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Nutrition is key

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Feel good

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Push your limits

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Virginia Carreno Fitness Coach.

Hello there! My name is Virginia Carreno. I am a certified fitness coach. I spend countless hours researching the best ways to live a healthy, sustainable life. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the mind and body are my passion!

I’m so happy to be able to share my fitness and nutrition knowledge with you. People always ask me how to get fit and what fitness and nutrition tips I can share. So, I decided to publish this website to provide help and solutions to my readers and clients. I’ll give away all my tips and tricks that everybody can use to change their bad habits and make their fitness and wellness journey fun, easy, and long term.

On this website, I will share my workout routines. There will be videos available for beginners to advanced levels. It’s very important to always change your exercise and workout routines if you want your body to continue to change. I will be posting different exercises frequently to give you new ideas.

When it comes to nutrition, I think the key is to use fresh, non GMO, organic and good quality ingredients. It’s also very important to eat a variety of healthy foods if you want to keep long-term clean eating habits. If you want to keep your results, a clean eating plan should be part of your lifestyle. I will share all my healthy recipes in fun and easy-to-follow video tutorials, so even people that are not too handy in the kitchen can keep up with a good meal plan.

I am excited for the opportunity to share what I have learned, as well as learn from my readers, so please join in on the conversation.

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Thighs & glute workout

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Shed those extra pounds

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Lift, firm & perk up

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