Virginia Carreno Drink_water-1 9 REASONS TO DRINK MORE WATER

75% of the human body is made of water; while the brain and muscles have 75% of water, blood has 92% and bones 22%. So, if you aren’t yet consuming the amount of water your body needs, today I will give you a few reasons to motivate you to do so:


  • More energy: drinking enough water will keep you hydrated at all times, which will help prevent dehydration, that makes you feel exhausted, fatigued, weak and dizzy. If you are at work, training or shopping, don’t forget to drink water periodically.


  • Better physical condition: drinking water is also an excellent way to regulate body temperature, which will help you to feel more energetic. In addition, if you hydrate before, during and after training, you will see how your performance will improve a 100%, since you will be replenishing almost immediately the amount of water that your body loses due to sweating.


  • Goodbye cramps: If you suffer from sprains and cramps, I recommend that you begin to hydrate properly, a regular consumption of water helps to keep the muscles and joints lubricated, improving that way the resistance of the ligaments, so you are less likely to have cramps or other muscle aches.


  • No more fatigue: water also allows us to remove toxins from our body, this helps the body to function much better. But if you don’t hydrate properly, other organs, like the heart for example, will have to work much more to pump oxygenated blood to each one of the cells and organs, and by making all this greater effort, you’ll get tired much faster. This is one of the main causes of that annoying feeling of fatigue and discomfort.


  • Healthier skin: drinking water will not only help you stay hydrated internally but also externally. Remember that water helps to replenish skin tissue, hydrates it and increases its elasticity, slowing down the aging process. That way your skin can be kept smooth and radiant at all times.
    Weight loss: water works as an appetite and anxiety suppressant, drinking plenty of water can help you with your weight loss process, since being hydrated helps to reduce hunger. In addition, drinking water is the best option to replace sodas and juices that contain too much sugar and calories.


  • Happy tummy: In case you didn’t know, your digestive system needs a good amount of water to work properly. So, drinking water can also help you to prevent heartburn, reflux, or constipation.
    The annoying headaches: Dehydration can also cause headaches, so the next time you have a headache make sure you drink enough water before taking other remedies.
    Healthier life: by staying hydrated, your immune system stays strong and your body works much better, which is very important when it comes to preventing diseases like flu, kidney stones and cardiovascular disease.


Do you still have any doubts? Start drinking water and you’ll see how you will completely improve your lifestyle without much effort!


Virginia Carreno.

About the author : Virginia Carreno
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