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Back pain can become a real hassle, this back pain may appear suddenly after a bad move, a fall, or after lifting something very heavy with bad posture. It can start as a minor discomfort but if we don’t treat it on time, it can get worse causing us  chronic back pain that will not allow us to perform our activities.


But what really causes back pain? These pains can be associated with any problem of faulty biomechanics, injured discs, herniated disc, spasms, muscle tension or muscle imbalances. Additionally, there are other diseases and conditions that can generate or increase back pain, some of them are: Scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, arthritis, lumbar spinal stenosis, kidney stones, infections, endometriosis fibromyalgia, overweight and a sedentary lifestyle.


It is also very common that after an intense exercise routine without proper form, you experience back pain, which can become very annoying and the intensity of the pain may get worse, and this will make it very hard for you to follow a regular training routine and stay fit.


If you have already made sure that your back pain is not associated with any kind of disease or medical condition, and it’s caused by inflammation, maintaining a bad posture, or it was caused by a bad move while you exercised, today I will share with you some tips that can be very useful to relieve that annoying pain:


  • Stretch: you can try to lie on your back and raise your knees to your chest, holding your knees, keep this position for 30 seconds, then return to the starting position and repeat until you start feeling the tension in your back begins to get lower. Other stretch moves that helps are: yoga child pose followed by cobra pose. You can also find many other stretching routines like these on my YouTube channel that can help you to relieve your back pain.


  • We need to correct our posture: try to use a lumbar pillow to place it in the natural curve of your back, you can also get a posture corrector and use it during the day, while working, working out , cleaning the house, or watching television. You will see how in a matter of weeks your posture will begin to improve automatically and the back pain will disappear.


  • Let’s not forget about a massages: a good massage on the shoulders, neck and back may be all we need to feel relief if the pain comes from a contracture. Don’t forget that massages relieve muscle tension and reduce the risk of injury, resulting in a relaxation and increase of our mental well-being, which directly influence the pain relief.


  • You can also use a foam roller: Foam rolling has been showing extraordinary results in relieving lower back pain and correcting back posture. All you have to do is to learn how to use the foam roller properly.


  • Breathe in and breathe out: Try to relax and breathe deeply, practicing these breathing exercises during relaxation or meditation helps to release tensions from our back, as it increases and improves the oxygen supply to all our muscles.


  • Start including supplements and foods with anti-inflammatory properties in your nutrition plan and stop eating processed food loaded with hidden chemicals and sugar. Kindly visit my nutrition blog to learn more.


  • Stop smoking: If you thought that this habit had nothing to do with your back pain, you are wrong since the substances of the tobacco reduce the blood flow to the spine and degenerate the vertebral discs.  Now you know what you need to do.
About the author : Virginia Carreno
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